Reach Out


Printed Matter

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Darkness provides a sense of security. A lack of visibility. Brightness reveals what the darkness hides.

I first noticed this while walking through my neighborhood one night. How easy it was to see into people’s homes, illuminated by ceiling lights and lamps. I didn’t mean to look into someone’s private space intentionally, but the light piercing through the dark grabbed my attention. Once I made it home I turned on all the lights and looked outside. I couldn’t see a single thing, as the lights created a glare in the window panes. 

Light, and the lack thereof, has an immediate effect on visibility. In turn, it also has an immediate effect on our perceived security/privacy at any given moment. This realization bred a sense of paranoia...

I came to a simple conclusion: We never know who’s watching. But someone might be.

The Location

I chose to act upon this idea in the front door window of my friend’s apartment, conveniently located just off the sidewalk in the downtown area (meaning plenty of foot traffic).

The Flag

The requirement for the project was to create a flag which represented this idea through the fundamentals of vexillology. Using this easily recognizable “eye” symbol, the ideas of watching,  surveillance, and vision were communicated clearly.

The Takeaway

The second requirement of the project was to create a small token that could be displayed alongside the flags and be taken by passerbys.