Reflection of Practice 

Typography + Editorial design

This was a project for my Typography III Class during my Junior Year at App state. Each week I would read a piece of literature or watch a lecture regarding typography and/or design. I would then write a few paragraphs of rhetorical analysis in response, then use that writing to do a page layout assignment. The layout had to include all of my writing and relate to the piece I was responding to.

The content and designs would vary from week to week in an effort to think about how inspirations could effect my current thought-process. This was also an exercise for organizing information and working with text copy. The response-designs would be printed out and brought to class folded, as if they were spreads in a book. They were critiqued by my fellow classmates.

At any point of the semester, I was able to revise my layouts. They had to all work within a unified grid system, which I begun to develop after week 5. At the end of the semester, I had 10 folios which compiled a component of your reflection of practice project. My original intent was to print out the spreads and bind the book myself, but unfortunately due to the pandemic I had to outsource the printing and binding.