The Archives


Y’all want to hear about the most stressful, yet rewarding project I had to do as a Senior in the Graphic Design Program at Appalachian State?

“There is no exact way to approach the book other than to fill it with 500 pages of content. The process of making this book should give you, your classmates and me some insight into who you are as a person and a designer. The book is large. It will be an archive. It will say something. You don’t have to figure it out before you make it. Just make it. It can be linear, non-linear, sectioned, precise, messy, the list goes on.

As you progress through the book and explore ideas, reflect on your contributions to the [reflection] wall. Consider using those items as visuals for your book and something to add to. Your ideas may be a blur still…but that’s okay. Let’s give all these thoughts and visuals some a place to shine. Think about how the book will serve you and your classmates as an archive and material to explore in the weeks to come. Exhaust your research area(s) into this book!”

The book is filled with everything from jokes, political takes, shoutouts and thank yous to friends & family, old pictures that relate to my fondest memories, and even transcripts from G-Mail chats I had in 2009... yes, when I was in 5th grade. I was lucky enough to not have deleted those gems.