Reach Out

We the People,


Editorial Design +
Photography + 
Grid & Layout
We the People was a collaborative publication created by Sophia Lewis and myself.

The project documents and highlights stories of racial injustice and inequality in the United States. These stories are told from various perspectives and in various contexts. For instance, some of these stories have been derived from Ted Talks and interviews, while several were told directly to us by specific individuals.

The goal of the project was to take these accounts of injustice and inequality and document the narratives visually, providing a voice that may not have been available originally.

The Book

The book “We the People” was printed using a Risograph EZ, using two colors on Mohawk Renewal paper (recycled cotton and hemp). Each page (sometimes a whole spread) abstractly represents an experience by a person of color in the United States.

Edition of 15.

The Exhibition

This project was included in the 3rd Hour Senior Design show. It was displayed in such a way that invited the viewer to interact with the book, flip through, experience the stories, and interpret the abstraction in any way. 

Books were sold and the proceeds benefited the Multicultural Center at Appalachian State University.

Photos above by Sarah "Altelement" Devoti